Case Openers/Closers

Tools for removing watch backs and for reclosing them.

Case Holder

CODE: CWR175.00

Case Holder, used to hold Watch Case while repairing and changing batteries.
10 days

Snappy Case Opener

CODE: KNF168.00

Another EURO TOOL exclusive designed to make opening watch cases easier. Just position the point between the case back and the case, and slowly push. The... More
10 days

Case Knife

CODE: KNF158.00

Sturdy German-made case knife features a comfortable red cushion grip PVC handle which gives the user excellent leverage. The blade has a single bevel edge... More
10 days

Flat Blade Case Opener

CODE: KNF975.00

This universally popular shape gives watchmakers the small handle necessary to properly grip when prying open snap-on case backs. Hardwood handle and a... More
10 days

Economy Case Knife

CODE: KNF165.00

Configured to make opening certain cases easier, this 3" opener is popular among many watchmakers. Simply place the blade under the case back and twist.
10 days

Seiko Style Case Opener

CODE: knf167.00

This knife makes opening snap-back cases quick and easy. Blade is tempered and properly beveled. Simply insert between case back and case and twist
10 days

Pocket Case Wrench

CODE: CWR 777.00

Our quality pocket case wrench has tempered pins for easy use on waterproof cases. Its compact size makes it very convenient. 2-5/8" 1-1/8".
10 days

Case Wrench in Wood Box-Jaxa Style

CODE: CWR770.00

Modeled after the famous JAXA, but less expensive, this case wrench meets the highest standards at a moderate price. Packed in a hardwood box. 5-1/2" length.
10 days

Imitation Jaxa Case Wrench

CODE: CWR771.00

Case wrench modeled after the famous JAXA is available from EURO TOOL. This version offers exceptional value while still meeting quality standards. Comes... More
10 days

Case Closer w/ Nylon Dies

CODE: CRY-905.00

The EURO TOOL case press offers the best inexpensive case closer available. Features include: • Exclusive straightwall nylon dies will not scratch or mar... More
10 days

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