Pin Vises

Swivel Head Pin Vise

CODE: PIN220.00

$4.65   $4.00
3-1/2" swivel-head pin vise for drilling, tapping or use as a screwdriver. Two double-ended chucks. Capacity of 0 to 3.3mm (0 – .125").

Double Ended Pin Vise

CODE: PIN219.00

Nickeled pin vise has two tempered steel reversible chucks and four openings. Length is 4-1/2". Capacity of 0 to 3.0mm

Swivel Head Pin Vise w/ Wood Handle

CODE: PIN224.00

Offers the user a multi-chuck pin vise that is more comfortable to use than conventional hex head vises. The rounded head fits comfortably into the palm of... More

Sliding Pin Vise

CODE: PIN221.00

Single-end pin vise has knurled slide for easy one-hand operation. Capacity of 0 to 0.8mm (0 – .032"). Length is 4-1/2".

Universal Work Holder

CODE: HOL166.00

$19.00   $18.00
The four movable pins accommodate large and small items during engraving or repair. Jaws screw in and out to securely hold items in place. Vise head can be... More

Spiral Drill w/ spring


Spiral Drill w/ spring, also known as a Yankee Drill, allows easier drilling using fine drills between 61-80.

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