Low Temp Solder

Often time the solder job may require a solder that flows and bonds at a lower temperature either due to the type of metal or piece being soldered or some other application calling for a more delicate procedure. Low temp solders come in wire or paste form and also have fluxes which are recommended for low temp jobs.

Staybrite Solder Kit

CODE: 54.452

$31.00   $25.00
High strength silver bearing solder melts and flows at 430oF (222oC). This is a soft solder, meaning you can use this solder with a soldering iron as well as... More

Tix Solder

CODE: 54.808

Hardest soft solder on earth. Melts at 275°F, and has a holding power of 4300 lbs. PSI. Adheres to all ordinary solderable materials and works with gun,... More

Tix Flux

CODE: 54460

A non-corrosive flux, harmless to hands or clothing. Washes off with water even after drying. Works with any soft solder. 1/2 oz. bottle

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