Solder Picks

Used to manipulate solder during the process.

Deluxe Titanium Solder Pick

CODE: SPK930.00

This style, with a non-roll handle, features a titanium shaft, which is the absolute best for all non-ferrous metal except platinum. Three colors keep you... More
10 days

Economy Titanium Solder Pick

CODE: 300.00

Economy Titanium Solder Pick, used with all non-ferrous metals except platinum.
10 days

Solder Pick/Beading Awl

CODE: SPK925.00

This bead stringing awl has a hardwood handle and fine point for bead knotting or cleaning out bead holes. Made of special alloy, the point can be bent to... More
10 days

Niobium Solder Pick for Platinum

CODE: SPK945.00

Niobium is a little known metal with a sky high temperature tolerance of 4,470°F. It is excellent for platinum and the only metal where contamination is... More
10 days

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