Resistance Soldering

Resistance soldering is a powerful form of electric soldering involviing the power exchange between a positive and negative electrode. We offer the American Beauty brand of resistance soldering equipment which is made in the US and offers the most variety of accessories

Hands Free Vise

CODE: Hands free vise

$155.00   $140.00
This product allow the user to hold a piece in a grounded holder providing for easier access to pieces that are difficult to hold in other holders. Plugs in... More
10 days

American Beauty Modelers Kit


$399.00   $375.00
American Beauty offers the most advanced and complete line of resistance soldering systems available. The new Super Chief 250 kit offers the control unit... More
10 days

American Beauty 3/32 probe

CODE: 10515ab

$80.00   $72.00
The smallest of the single probe handpieces, the 10515 uses the standard copper clad electrode(#10530) and is rated to 100 watts. Please note this... More
10 days

American Beauty 1/8" Probe

CODE: 10572ab

$90.00   $81.00
The popular single probe handpiece, the 10572 uses the standard copper clad electrode(#10524) and is rated to 250 watts. Please note this handpiece must be... More
10 days

Lead for Return Current w/ alligator clip

CODE: 10512A

$54.00   $49.00
The correct ground to be used with the 3/32 probe or whenever usage is less that 100 watts for a small, tight solder joint.
10 days

American Beauty Light Tweezer replacement electrodes

CODE: AB10542

$20.00   $18.00
5/64" diameter stainless steel electrodes, copper clad. 3" long. For use with #10541 tweezer. Sold in package of 5.
10 days

American Beauty 3/32 replacement electrodes

CODE: ab10530

$35.00   $32.00
copper clad carbon electrodes sold in packages of 6.
10 days

American Beauty 1/8" replacement electrodes

CODE: ab10524

$28.00   $25.00
Copper clad carbon electrodes for 10572 handpiece. Sold in packs of 6
10 days

American Beauty 3/16" replacement electrodes

CODE: ab10525

$30.00   $27.00
Copper clad carbon electrodes for 10573 handpiece. Sold in packs of 6
10 days

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