Ring Sizers

Kagan Ring Sizer

CODE: jjkrs

$649.00   $569.00
The J.J. Kagan ring sizer has always been considered the best ring stretcher and reducer you can buy, with many thousands in use all over the world. It's not... More
10 days

Kagan Segment Mandrel

CODE: kg4002

$199.00   $175.00
This is the replacement segmented mandrel Kagan Part Number 4002 for the classic Kagan Ring Sizer
10 days

GRS Ring Size Cutter

CODE: GLN04642

$298.00   $283.00
The GRS Ring Size cutter simplifies ring sizing by removing an exact amount of ring shank. The cut is precisely to size and always parallel so soldering is... More
10 days

Ring Strecher w/ Reduction Wheel

CODE: RST750.00

$295.00   $260.00
This premium Italian ring strecher both reduces and enlarges rings up to size 15. The highly polished six-spline mandrel is graduated in U.S sizes for... More
10 days

Flat Finger Gauge

CODE: GAU250.00

Our gauges are nickel-plated for years of use at the retail level. Graduated in U.S. Standard half-sizes. Flat, size 1 to 15
10 days

Wide Finger Gauge

CODE: GAU253.00

The 7mm wide gauge is perfect for fitting wedding rings, class rings and other wide rings. It prevents resizing due to customers twisting narrow gauges over... More
10 days

Jumbo Finger Gauge, Size 16-24

CODE: GAU254.00

Jumbo finger gauge, sizes 16–24 in half sizes. There are a lot of big guys out there, and we’ve been getting requests for larger finger gauges for some time... More
10 days

Plastic Finger Gauge

CODE: 35.255

An ideal "give away" for potential customers to take home to determine the correct finger size of recipient who cannot be present to be measured. A sure way... More
10 days

Multisizer Finger Sizing Gauge

CODE: 5901

Increase ring sales and eliminate ring returns with the Multisizer. This unique invention is used worldwide as the ultimate solution for a precision... More
10 days

Plastic Finger Gauge Form

CODE: 35.0895

An inexpensive way for the jeweler to get correct ring sizes. Remove "size" from the form for an exact template to send to the manufacturer. Eliminates... More
10 days

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