Shellac and Stone Tools

Diamond Setter's Cement

CODE: 12.208

Melted and applied to a wooden dowel, it securely hold bracelets and rings for setting. Measures 4" x 4" x 1/2".

Stone Pick-Up Tool

CODE: DI-113

Hand-held, cone shaped wax/charcoal mixture used for picking up stones when setting. Great for use on small melee.

Jewel Picker

CODE: 57-0450

This unique item was designed to replace sticky wax as a means to pick up stones to place them in a setting during the stone setting operation. When tip... More

Orange Flake Shellac

CODE: 12.227

Orange Flake Shellac holds objects for chasing, engraving or setting. Heat to apply. 6oz. container


CODE: JET 100.00

Jett-Sett is a unique, easy-to-use fixturing compound formulated from an advanced thermoplastic and ceramic material. It is used in stone setting, engraving... More

Sealing Wax

CODE: 12.225

Excellent as setter's cement. Also, seals packages and envelopes securely and efficently. Melting point 170 degrees. Box contains four 1/4lb. red sticks.

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