Handy tools for pushing or rolling bezels.

Delrin Bezel Roller

CODE: PSH778.00

NEW!! The half-round Delrin rocker rolls and pushes bezels around stones. Delrin is a strong material that works like nylon so as to not mar the metal. More

Perfect Bezel Roller

CODE: PSH776.00

This improved bezel roller is an upgraded version to assure a better job – faster and easier. With a wider blade (3mm) and re-designed handle, our Bezel... More

Bezel Roller

CODE: PSH775.00

The half-round polished steel rocker rolls and pushes bezels around stones. It’s recommended for larger settings and is mounted on a wooden handle. 4-1/4".

Bezel Pusher

CODE: PSH771.00

The polished groove in the tip sets and pushes the bezel against the stone. Mounted securely in hardwood handle with reinforcing collet. 4-1/4" length.

Prong Pusher

CODE: PSH770.00

This handy tool has a polished steel tip set in a comfortable wooden handle. It’s used to bend prongs while setting stones. 4" length.

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