Portage Kits and Supplies

Kits and supplies for Portage, MI Schools.

Portage Kit

CODE: Portage Kit

Student Tool Kit which includes: Chain Nose and Round Nose Pliers, Side Cutters, Safety Glasses, 20g Cooper Wire, Finger Gauge, Ring Mandrel, Bench Block and... More

5" Round Nose Economy Plier, Economy


These 5" pliers are great for students and beginners. They feature a purple rubberized handle.

5" Chain Nose Pliers, Economy


These 5" pliers are great for students and beginners. They feature a purple rubberized handle.

4 1/4" Mini Sidecutter, Flush, Economy

CODE: PLR 490.35

Another EURO TOOL exclusive. Absolutely the best box-joint pliers available at this price or even several dollars more. Made for students, craftspeople or... More

Safety Glasses


These glasses offer limited eye protection against the most commonly encountered impact hazards, polishing compunds, metal chips, particles and sparks.

20G Copper Wire


20G Copper Wire - 1 pound spool. Approx. 325 ft. on spool.

Plastic Finger Gauge

CODE: 35.255

An ideal "give away" for potential customers to take home to determine the correct finger size of recipient who cannot be present to be measured. A sure way... More

Plastic Ring Mandrel

CODE: GAU380.00

Black plastic grooved ring stick has large easy-to-read white markings which measure rings from size 1 to 15 by quarter sizes. This accurate and economical... More

2.5" x 2.5" Steel Bench Block

CODE: 198.00

2.5" x 2.5" x 1" hardened steel block used for flattening or chasing metal. 1lb 6oz

1" Chasers Hammer

CODE: 37.0365

Economical quality hammer designed for silversmiths and ideal for craftsmen. Flat head is used to flatten, shape and form objects, or strike chasing tools.... More

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