Gram/OZ. Scale

Digital Electronic scales in this category generally weigh ozt.;dwt;& grams. Their accuracy is generally to 0.1 gram and most are battery operated. Some models also utilize an adaptor plug.

100g Pocket Scale

CODE: 50.250

Weighs in grams, ounces, carats and grains. Removeable cover protects scale and will hold items to be weighed . Uses 2 AAA batteries-not included.

50Ct/10g Diamond Scale

CODE: 50.262

$95.00   $90.00
50ct x 0.001/10g x 0.001, weighs in grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights and carats. Also has parts counting. Touch screen display makes this a very easy... More

50Ct/10g Diamond Scale

CODE: 50.303

50ct x 0.001/10g x 0.001, weighs in grams, pennyweight, carats and grains. Comes with tweezers, a 5 gram and a 10 gram weight. Draft shield folds up. Uses 2... More

Gem Oro Platinum Plus 801

CODE: 9750

$119.00   $99.00
800 gram capacity with battery or adapter plug available.

GemOro Platinum 1001, 1000g x 0.1g

CODE: 9799

You sell a lot of heavy gold, silver and platinum jewelry and you are on the go so you need something compact. While the sleek, contemporary appearance of... More

GemOro Platinum XP500, 500g x 0.01g

CODE: 9776

The Definitive Extra Precision Gold Scale! With gold approaching $2000 per ozt of 24k, the XP500 from GemOro is our extra precision gold scale with amazing... More

Platinum® 800SS, 800g X 0.1g

CODE: 9756

The Platinum 800SS is the jewelry industry’s most popular pocket sized gold scale for many reasons. It is an ultra thin design, but offers an extra large... More

250 x 0.1 Grams Scale

CODE: SCL300.20

250 gram capacity at exceptional pricing. Excellent quality and your satisfaction is guaranteed. • Excellent accuracy and reliability. • Flip top covers... More

GemOro Platimun Pro1600 Scale

CODE: 9751

$139.00   $120.00
1600g x 0.1g, dwt, ozt, gn and oz. Push button digtal calibration, tare, memory, low battery indicator, overload protection, battery saving auto off function... More

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