Carat Scales

50Ct/10g Diamond Scale

CODE: 50.262

$95.00   $90.00
50ct x 0.001/10g x 0.001, weighs in grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights and carats. Also has parts counting. Touch screen display makes this a very easy... More

50Ct/10g Diamond Scale

CODE: 50.303

50ct x 0.001/10g x 0.001, weighs in grams, pennyweight, carats and grains. Comes with tweezers, a 5 gram and a 10 gram weight. Draft shield folds up. Uses 2... More

Diamond Papers B/W Watermarked

CODE: DIA301.02

Our Antwerp-style diamond papers are the finest available, and are the best way possible to protect and show precious stones. Dimensions when folded are 3" x... More

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