Nylon Jaw

5 1/4" Nylon Ring Bending Plier

CODE: PLR 835.00

A EURO TOOL exclusive, this plier is an eminently superior replacement for the three-jawed pliers known as bow-closing pliers, which are often used for... More

Replacement Jaws (pair) for Ring Bending Plier PLR 835.00

CODE: PLR 835.05

Replacement nylon jaw for PLR 835.00- Ring Bending Plier. One Pair.

5" Nylon Bracelet Bending Plier

CODE: PLR 840.00

With a gentle arc for bracelets, the nylon jaws of this plier cannot scratch. Makes reshaping bracelets easy. Order extra sets of nylon jaws and customize... More

Replacement Jaws (pair) for Bracelt Bending Plier PLR 840.00

CODE: PLR 840.05

Replacement nylon jaw for PLR 840.00- Bracelet Bending Plier. One Pair.

Replacement Jaws (pair) for Bending Plier PLR 841.00

CODE: PLR 841.05

Replacement nylon jaw for PLR 841.00- Bending Plier. One Pair.

5 1/2" Nylon Bending Plier

CODE: PLR 841.00

Bending pliers also feature replaceable nylon jaws for bending rings sizes 6-1/2 and larger. Like our other nylon jaw pliers, this one cannot scratch, saving... More

Ring Holding Pliers

CODE: PLR 842.00

For holding rings while polishing the inside or doing other work. The nylon, parallel-type jaws hold rings or other circular objects securely without... More

Replacement Jaws (pair) for PLR 842.00

CODE: PLR 842.05


Tool Magic

CODE: Toolmagic

Tool Magic for jewelry tools. Prevent tools from marring and scratching wire designs. Makes plier tips smooth & soft for a frim grip. Non permanent & easily... More

Nylon Jaw Parallel Plier

CODE: PLR864.00

Parallel action provides even pressure while holding firm. The durable nylon will prevent marring, scratches or damage to the piece being held. Spring action... More

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