One-Step Looper Plier


THE PLOOPER 1 STEP LOOPER CUTS & LOOPS WIRE 18-24G. Create your own eye pins! Trim and loop embellished head & eye pins, all in one motion. Works with dead... More
10 days

Tube Cutting Pliers

CODE: PLR 833.00

Tube Cutting Pliers make it easy for the user to hold tubing or small rods while sawing. This version of the duck billed pliers features a narrow groove down... More
10 days

Nylon Jaw Tube Holding Pliers

CODE: PLR 848.00

Tube Holding Pliers are made to hold tubing gently but firmly when cutting, filing or doing other operations. Nylon jaws are designed to hold virtually every... More
10 days

Replacements Jaw (pair) for PLR 848.00

CODE: PLR 848.05

10 days

Coil Cutting Pliers

CODE: PLR 819.00

This unique tool holds wire coils so that they can be efficiently cut into jump rings. Made of stainless steel, the Coil Cutting Pliers feature a jaw which... More
10 days

Clip Spring Removing Pliers

CODE: PLR 136.01

An essential tool for adjusting the length of expandable watch bands. The flat jaw rests atop the link, and the pointed tip fits under the clip spring. By... More
10 days

Loop Closing Pliers, With Cushioned Grips

CODE: PLR 718.00

Small hollow jaws for holding and closing jump rings, small loops, etc. Made of stainless steel with cushioned grips and now with narrower jaws. Length...
10 days

Loop Closing Pliers, Without Grips

CODE: PLR 718.24

Small hollow jaws for holding and closing jump rings, small loops, etc. Made of stainless steel and now with narrower jaws. Length 5-1/2" (140mm).
10 days

Euro Jump Ring Closing Pliers

CODE: PLR 260.55

Why use bulky, awkward pliers for placing and closing jump rings when you can use this improved model? Because the jaws come to a point and are nicely... More
10 days

Split Ring Pliers, Traditional Handles

CODE: PLR 589.00

A EURO TOOL original, this is a much needed tool which opens split rings easily. Just put the tooth jaw between the overlapping split ring and squeeze. The... More
10 days

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