Anticlastic and Synclastic Pliers

Miland Synclastic Pliers 1/2"

CODE: PLR374.00

$47.95   $39.00
Synclastic pliers put a curve toward the same side in all directions. Create a bracelet in minutes, not hours. Also makes rings, bangles and is indispensable... More

Miland Anti-Clastic Pliers 9/16"

CODE: PLR376.00

$47.95   $39.00
Anticlastic pliers are similar to synclastic but produce a curve in opposite ways in two directions (saddle-shaped). Produces a fine, finished product in a... More

Miland Accu-Shear for Heavy Wire

CODE: SHR-570.00

$44.95   $40.00
Miland® Accu-Shear has true shear action for large wire up to 6 gauge. Leaves both ends flush and eliminates waste and the need for filing. Adjustable stop... More

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