Torches, resistance soldering, etc

Cross Locking Tweezer Set

CODE: 474-315

Cross-locking tweezers open when squeezed and close when released, "locking" onto the item being held. This is a set of 3 cross-locking tweezers with... More

Blazer Butane Torch


Hand held butane fueled torch, perfect for the home jeweler. Automatic ignition, adjustable flame, comes with a stand for hands free use. Has a burn time... More

5oz Butane Fuel

CODE: 14.220

5oz Butane Fuel, used to fuel Blazer Butane Torch. Cannot ship via US mail 1lb

Smith Handi Heat Air Acetylene Kit

CODE: sm239.193

The most popular torch kit for student use also has a wide application for anyone wanting the heat and precision of an acetylene flame. The kit features a... More

Smith Little Torch

CODE: SM231001D

$199.00   $139.00
Oxygen, Propane/Acetylene Torch Kit comes with 5 tips for precision soldering. Kit includes Torch Body, Hose, "B" fittings and 5 tips.

American Beauty Modelers Kit


$399.00   $375.00
American Beauty offers the most advanced and complete line of resistance soldering systems available. The new Super Chief 250 kit offers the control unit... More

American Beauty 3/32 probe

CODE: 10515ab

$80.00   $72.00
The smallest of the single probe handpieces, the 10515 uses the standard copper clad electrode(#10530) and is rated to 100 watts. Please note this... More

American Beauty 1/8" Probe

CODE: 10572ab

$90.00   $81.00
The popular single probe handpiece, the 10572 uses the standard copper clad electrode(#10524) and is rated to 250 watts. Please note this handpiece must be... More

Lead for Return Current w/ alligator clip

CODE: 10512A

$54.00   $49.00
The correct ground to be used with the 3/32 probe or whenever usage is less that 100 watts for a small, tight solder joint.

American Beauty Light Tweezer replacement electrodes

CODE: AB10542

$20.00   $18.00
5/64" diameter stainless steel electrodes, copper clad. 3" long. For use with #10541 tweezer. Sold in package of 5.

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