Brass Hammers

2lb. Brass Hammer

CODE: HAM456.20

Quality constructed 2lb solid brass head hammer is perfect for hammering ferrous and non-ferrous metals and is excelllent for stamping and dapping. Smooth... More
10 days

Brass Hammer

CODE: HAM215.00

This small 9-1/8" brass hammer with hardwood handle will give the user years of service. The head is 5/8" diameter and weighs 3 oz. You'll like the balance... More
10 days

Brass Hammer w/ 2oz. Head

CODE: HAM130.00

This 2oz hammer features a superb quality brass head threaded onto an anodized aluminum handle. A special compound is used to assure the head can't release.... More
10 days

1lb. Brass Hammer w/Short handle

CODE: HAM458.00

Affectionately known as "stubby". The short ergonomic comfort handle allows for ease of use, pinpoint accuracy and greater control. Great for stamping with... More
10 days

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