Ring Mandrels

Necklace Mandrel

CODE: 320-643

$55.00   $45.00
To shape necklaces perfectly and easily a neck mandrel is essential. You can work metals or use the neck mandrel to form wax with our economy model crafted... More

Hardened Steel Ring Mandrel 1-15

CODE: 121.00

$42.00   $39.00
Graduated Steel Ring Mandrel with sizes 1-15. This product has been reengineered for extra hardness.

Stepped Ring Mandrel

CODE: 35-2902

$40.00   $35.00
Stepped Ring Mandrel with 13 segmented steps to help avoid distortion casued by tapered mandrels on wide ring shanks. Sizes 4-15. 13 1/2" length.

Plastic Ring Mandrel

CODE: GAU380.00

Black plastic grooved ring stick has large easy-to-read white markings which measure rings from size 1 to 15 by quarter sizes. This accurate and economical... More

Aluminum Ring Mandrel

CODE: GAU350.00

Always-popular hollow ring stick measures 1 to 15 by U.S. standards. At the narrow end, the gauge shows length of metal needed for sizing. The handle is... More

Flat Finger Gauge

CODE: GAU250.00

Our gauges are nickel-plated for years of use at the retail level. Graduated in U.S. Standard half-sizes. Flat, size 1 to 15

Wide Finger Gauge

CODE: GAU253.00

The 7mm wide gauge is perfect for fitting wedding rings, class rings and other wide rings. It prevents resizing due to customers twisting narrow gauges over... More

Jumbo Finger Gauge, Size 16-24

CODE: GAU254.00

Jumbo finger gauge, sizes 16–24 in half sizes. There are a lot of big guys out there, and we’ve been getting requests for larger finger gauges for some time... More

Plastic Finger Gauge

CODE: 35.255

An ideal "give away" for potential customers to take home to determine the correct finger size of recipient who cannot be present to be measured. A sure way... More

Multisizer Finger Sizing Gauge

CODE: 5901

Increase ring sales and eliminate ring returns with the Multisizer. This unique invention is used worldwide as the ultimate solution for a precision... More

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