Chasing Tools

Neville Chasing Tool Set


NEW!!! Four piece chasing tool set with a compact design in the most popular lining and planishing shapes. Designed and produced by a Michigan metalsmith,... More

Prepared Chaser's Pitch

CODE: 210-226

Black chaser's pitch softens when heated. embedded objects are held firmly when pitch cools. useful for chasing or for engraving delicate pieces. 32oz

Pad for 5" Chasing Bowl

CODE: 210-223-01

Pad for 5" Chasing Bowl.

5" Pitch Bowl

CODE: 210-223

5" Pitch Bowl

Neville Mini Chasing Tool Set


NEW!! The Neville Mini Chasing Tool Set is a smaller 4pc version of the Larger 4pc Neville Chasing Tools. Contains the most popular shapes for lining and... More

USA Red Pitch Hard

CODE: FRB125.393H

USA Red Hard Pitch is similar to the German red pitch (125.389). Sold in a 2 pound tub (.9 Kilo). Preferred by hot climate residents, this pitch stays hard... More

USA Red Pitch Medium

CODE: FRB125.393M

Sold in a 2 pound tub (.9 Kilo). USA Red Medium Pitch is a 50/50 blend of the Soft and the Hard. Some jewelers consider this blend to be "just right". To... More

USA Red Pitch Soft

CODE: FRB125.394S

Sold in a 2 pound tub (.9 Kilo). USA Red Soft Pitch has a lower melting point than the German red pitch (125.389) and the USA Red Hard or USA Red Medium... More

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