MINI SCOPE 10X & 30X optics w/dark field, light source and gem clip

SETTERS SCOPE with stand. 7-45X mag

CODE: 129.000

$1,795.00   $1,395.00
SETTERS SCOPE with stand. 7-45X mag with a .5 reduction lens and a light source for better viewing. The stand sold with this scope is the GRS Acrobat stand... More

16X Mini Microscope

CODE: MW10087L

Illuminated LED Microscope, 16x magnification, pocket size

LCD Digital Microscope

CODE: 29.900

$295.00   $250.00
Portable Stand Alone LCD Digital Microscope. 5M 500x • Captures images and videos • Inspect stones, girdle inscriptions, hearts & arrows and more •... More

30x Cellphone Microscope

CODE: CellScope

Turn your mobile device into a 30x Microscope. Simply attach to your cellphone, align the lens with the camera lens. Hold the Microscope lens very close to... More

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