Jewelry Making Classes

Note: Prices for class kits/supplies are approximations only as the metals market fluctuates daily.

Project vs. Process Classes: Process classes are those that focus primarily on acquisition of a new skill or technique and which will generally NOT result in a specific completed work. A project class will focus on a completed or nearly completed project, during which a new technique or skill may be acquired. We offer an assortment of classes from beginning metalsmithing to advance classes for stone setting and metal forming. Our teaching staff consists of experienced teachers with extensive backgrounds in jewelry making and metal smithing techniques.

Box Clasp Construction with Mary Kernahan Saturday April 22, 10-1

CODE: BCC -0422

Box Clasp Construction with Mary Kernahan: A great looking clasp can go far beyond its role as a secure and functional connector to become a focal point or... More

Wire Wrapped Cabochons with Mary Kernahan Thurs, April 27 6:30-8:30 p.m.

CODE: wwc 0427

Wire Wrapped Cabochons with Mary Kernahan: Learn to manipulate & shape wire into artistic shapes & set a cabochon stone in the process. Discussion will... More

Alternative Cold Connections with Christine Bossler Wed, May 3, 6-9 p.m.

CODE: acc 0503

Alternative Cold Connections with Christine Bossler: Cold connections provide a great way to join contrasting metals, stones and other heat sensitive... More

Gypsy Set Ring with Lesley DiPiazza Saturday May 6 11, 1-5 p.m.

CODE: gypsy 0506

Gypsy Set Ring w/ Lesley: Gypsy and other related flush settings, involve carving a seat into thick metal and hammering the newly created rim down to secure... More

Sawing Intensive Workshop- with Christine Bossler Wed. May 10 6-9 pm

CODE: SIW 0510

Sawing Intensive Workshop with Christine Bossler: Whether you are new to using a jeweler's saw, or a seasoned metalsmith that just needs to hone their... More

Harvest Moon Chainmaille Bracelet with Mary Sat. May 13, 10am- 12:30pm


Harvest Moon Chainmaille Bracelet with Mary Kernahan: Also known as the “Tomato Sandwich” Weave, this twist on the classic Helm chain makes for simple chain... More

Delft Clay Casting with Mary Kernahan - Wednesday May 17, 6-9 pm

CODE: Delft 05/17

: Delft clay casting is a refined form of sand casting. Sand casting has been used for centuries to produce three-dimensional forms, and its use continues... More

Spinner Rings with Lesley DiPiazza - Wednesday May 31, 6-9 p.m.

CODE: SR 0531

: Everyone loves rings, & spinner rings are no exception. Whether it is their contrasting metals, textural embellishment, or the movement of one layer over... More

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