GRS Benchmate

Benchmate units are available with many different options designed to assist the jeweler in setting and soldering procedures.

GRS Benchmate Basic

CODE: GLN04-542

$248.00   $236.00
Jewelers work faster and make finer jewelry with the Glendo GRS BenchMate Work Support System. This advanced family of tools does it all. Stone setting,... More

GRS Bench Pin kit

CODE: GLN04-556

Benchmate Bench Pin Kit is attached using the Benchmate mounting adapter. Many customers purchase an extra mounting adapter to allow the Benchpin to be... More

GRS Benchmate Deluxe

CODE: GLN04-555

$335.00   $319.00
Includes Basic BenchMate Holder, shellac pad, narrow and wide solder fingers, third-hand attachment, bench pin kit, fixed mounting plate and hardware.... More

GRS Benchmate Setter Package

CODE: GLN04-674

$362.00   $344.00
Includes Basic BenchMate Holder, shellac pad, bench pin kit, inside ring holder, fixed mounting plate and hardware. Approximately 10.3200 lbs. (4.6811 kg

Fixed Mounting Plate

CODE: GLN04-557

For use with the Adjustable Height Bracket

Extra Plastic Jaws

CODE: GLN04-558

Replacement jaws for benchmate. 1/2lb

GRS Ring Size Cutter

CODE: GLN04642

$298.00   $283.00
The GRS Ring Size cutter simplifies ring sizing by removing an exact amount of ring shank. The cut is precisely to size and always parallel so soldering is... More

QC Hand Handle

CODE: gln04805

This handle lets you use any QC tool for hand work. Made with a comfortable rubber cover. Includes 3 QC tool holders.

Block Shelf

CODE: GLN04578

This shelf uses the GRS BenchMate fixed mounting plate to hold your engraving block below the front of your bench. Jewelers especially like this because the... More

Adjustable Height Bracket and Fixed Mounting Plate Kit

CODE: Gln 04666

This item allows the customer to lower their work position up to 4 inches in 1/2 inch increments. It is particularly useful when using a microscope.

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