#10/#10D Parts

Adaptor Screw For #10

CODE: FD002.010

Screws to main housing of handpiece and other end screws to FD46 (QD Shaft Connector).

Cam for #10

CODE: FD024.010

Inner portion of the lever that opens and closes collet.

Duplex Spring


Use to replace worn or broken springs on duplex spring style handpieces.

QD Shaft Connector


On one end screws into Adaptor Screw (FD002.010) and on the other allows the flexshaft to lock into the motor for use.

Duplex Cover for #10D, 52D and Badeco Handpieces


Duplex Spring cover for 10D, 52D and Badeco Handpieces.

Lever for #10

CODE: FD025.010

Outer portion that attaches to Cam (FD024.010) and opens and closes the collet.

Collet for #10/10D

CODE: FD012.010

Collet that holds 3/32" burs.

Lever Assembly

CODE: FD010.010

Lever Assembly

Lever Stay

CODE: FD026.010

Lever Stay

Nosepiece Spacer

CODE: FD007.010

Nosepiece Spacer

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