Screw Mandrels

For use in handpieces to hold felt wheels, buffs, rubber and silicone polishing and finishing wheels. Shank size is either 3/32" or 1/8". Sold and priced by the each.

Reinforced Mandrel 3/32 shank

CODE: brs 275.00

$1.00   $0.85
Most popular mandrel, with a 3/32 shank and a 1/16th" dia screw. Used for all standard rubber wheels, brushes, buffs, etc, under 1/4" thick.

#2 3/32" Mandrel for 1/8" hole

CODE: 840-3060

#2 3/32" Mandrel for 1/8" hole, for use with bristle brushes with 1/8" center hole.

Screw Top Mandrel

CODE: 43.132

Screw Top Mandrel, for use with wheels 1/16" arbor holes.

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