Flexshaft Machines

Motors with flexible shafts made by Arbe and Foredom, used at the bench for grinding, drilling, polishing and more.

Arbe 1/4 HP Flexshaft w/ handpiece and foot pedal


Arbe 1/4 HP Flexshaft w/ handpiece and foot pedal. 1/4Hp gives you more HP than other comparable lines. 13lbs
10 days

Economy Flexshaft Grinder Set


Flexshaft Grinder Set includes 42" Flexible Shaft Grinder, #30 Chuck n Key Handpiece, foot pedal, and carrying case. 1/4HP motor, variable speed... More
10 days

Foredom SR Motor only


$170.00   $150.00
The series SR has all the features most people need in a flex shaft machine. The 1/6 HP ball bearing Series SR runs up to 18,000 rpm to produce adequate... More
10 days

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