Steamaster Parts

Steamaster Parts

Thermodisc High Limit Reset Switch

CODE: 007-4102

Thermodisc High Limit Reset Switch

Site Glass Kit

CODE: 007-4105W

Site Glass Kit, includes site glass, washers and brass nuts.

1/4" Steam Solenoid Assembly

CODE: 007-1102

$215.00   $189.00
1/4" Steam Solenoid Assembly, valve that electronically accuates the steam via the foot pedal.

Electric Foot Pedal

CODE: 007-1122

Electric Foot Pedal, when pressed activates the 1/4" Solenoid Assembly to produce steam.

Aluminum Nozzle

CODE: 006-3216

Aluminum Nozzle, part where steam comes out of the machine.

Pressure Control

CODE: 007-4114

$121.00   $109.00
Pressure Control

Rocker Switch

CODE: 007-5275

$40.00   $36.00
Rocker Switch, on/off switch on this machine.

1/2' Pressure Safety Valve

CODE: 007-1214

$193.00   $162.00
1/2' Pressure Safety Valve

Water Fixture w/ Sight Glass Kit

CODE: 007-1212W8

$95.00   $80.00
This part includes the complete fixture with handles and the sight glass. The previous part 007-1212 is no longer available

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