Jewelry Making/Metalsmithing Classes

Learn some exciting new jewelry making techiques from our teachers that include chasing and repousee, fold forming, and granulation, as well as basic classes in soldering, using a flex shaft, and simple wire wrapping projects. Join us and develop your skills in jewelry making!!

Pre-registration & a non- refundable deposit of 1/2 the listed fee are required for all Armstrong classes, with the balance due on the first day of class. Classes require a minimum of 3 students .Registration will close 2 days prior to the class.
Recording of our classes will not be permitted.
Should we cancel a class, your deposit will refunded or may be applied to another class. If you have a group of 3 or more, but find that our schedule does not fit yours, please inquire about special class.
When Registering please provide a PHONE NUMBER to allow us to contact you in the event of a change or for follow up information.

Please join us in welcoming Christine Bossler to our existing teaching staff of Mary Kernahan, and Lesley DiPiazza,. 

January-March 2017

Project vs. Process Classes: There have been some recent disappointments relating to leaving some classes without a completed project, and in most cases,it has been a misunderstanding of a class being a process based class rather than a project based class. To simplify things, future class listings will be designated as either process or project classes. Process classes are those that focud primarily on acquisition of a new skill or technique and which generally do NOT result in a specific completed work. A project class will focus on a completed or nearly completed project, during which a new technique or skill may be acquired. 


Basic Metalsmithing w/ Christine Bossler, Wednesday April 5 6-9pm

CODE: BS 04-05

Basic Metalsmithing with Christine Bossler: This is the perfect class if you are new to the jewelry & metalsmithing world, or just want to enhance your... More

Freeform Bezels with Lesley DiPiazza- Saturday April 8, 1-6p.m.

CODE: Freeform Bez 0408

Expand your stone setting proficiency by learning to fabricate your own bezel cups. Students will learn to set irregular or freeform cabochons as well as... More

Introduction to Fold Forming with Lesley DiPiazza Wednesday, April 12, 6-9

CODE: Fold forming 0412

Fold forming has taken the metalsmithing world by storm, and here is your opportunity to join in. Learn to turn your sheet metal into three-dimensional forms... More

Stake Forming with Mini Stakes with Mary Kernahan-Saturday April 15, 9:30-1:30


Forming metal using hammers and stakes can be one of the most important and useful skills you can acquire to transform your work. Whether it be achieving... More

Intermediate Riveting with Christine Bossler Wed; April 19 6-9 p.m.

CODE: IR0419

So you have mastered the basic tube and flush rivet, but know there are so many more riveting possibilities. A great follow-up to our basic riveting, here is... More

Box Clasp Construction with Mary Kernahan Saturday April 22, 10-1

CODE: BCC -0422

A great looking clasp can go far beyond its role as a secure and functional connector to become a focal point or unifying design element. Unfortunately,... More

Wire Wrapped Cabochons with Mary Kernahan Thurs, April 27 6:30-8:30 p.m.

CODE: wwc 0427

Learn to manipulate & shape wire into artistic shapes & set a cabochon stone in the process. Discussion will also include basic wire wrapping tools, metal... More

Alternative Cold Connections with Christine Bossler Wed, May 3, 6-9 p.m.


Cold Connections provide a great way to join contrasting metals, stones, and other heat sensitive materials together without the use of heat or solder, but... More

Gypsy Set Ring with Lesley DiPiazza Saturday May 6 11, 1-5 p.m.

CODE: gypsy 0506

Gypsy and other related flush settings, involve carving a seat into thick metal and hammering the newly created rim down to secure the stone, imbedding the... More

Sawing Intensive Workshop- with Christine Bossler Wed. May 10 6-9 pm

CODE: SIW 0510

Whether you are new to using a jeweler's saw, or a seasoned metalsmith that just needs to hone their skills, this is the class for you. Accuracy is essential... More

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