RTV Mold Materials

Silicone and liquid polyeurethane mold materials are used when heat cannot be used to cure a mold material for the reproduction of patterns. RTV materials also provide an alternative to a vulcanized materials in that they tend to produce better detail and easier pattern removal

Freeman Clear Silcone 2.2 lb

CODE: 055236

$65.00   $60.00
Freeman Clear Silicone is a two component, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber compound. Designed specifically for mold making, it is an ideal... More

Castaldo Liquicast 1lb

CODE: cstlcast

$35.00   $31.00
Liquid mold rubbers (LMR) are used to make models of waxes, organic products or any item that cannot withstand the heat and pressure of vulcanization.... More

Castaldo Quick Sil

CODE: cstquick

$55.00   $50.00
New Castaldo Quick-Sil is a two-part room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone molding putty that produces tough, strong, long-lasting production jewelry... More

Castaldo LiquaFast 2.2

CODE: cstlfast 2.2

$54.00   $47.00
LiquaFast Ice is a tough transparent RTV silicone molding rubber that can make finished 0% shrinkage molds from all RP,CAD CAM & SLA models in as... More

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