RTV Mold Materials

Silicone and liquid polyeurethane mold materials are used when heat cannot be used to cure a mold material for the reproduction of patterns. RTV materials also provide an alternative to a vulcanized materials in that they tend to produce better detail and easier pattern removal

Freeman Clear Silcone 2.2 lb

CODE: 055236

$65.00   $60.00
Freeman Clear Silicone is a two component, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber compound. Designed specifically for mold making, it is an ideal... More

Castaldo Liquicast 1lb

CODE: cstlcast

$35.00   $31.00
Liquid mold rubbers (LMR) are used to make models of waxes, organic products or any item that cannot withstand the heat and pressure of vulcanization.... More

Castaldo Liquicast 50 lb

CODE: cstlast50

$399.00   $359.00
Castaldo's liquid mold rubber is a two-part product that produces pink rubber molds with no shrinkage and with outstanding detailed design reproduction. Use... More

Castaldo Quick Sil

CODE: cstquick

$55.00   $50.00
New Castaldo Quick-Sil is a two-part room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone molding putty that produces tough, strong, long-lasting production jewelry... More

Castaldo LiquaFast 2.2

CODE: cstlfast 2.2

$54.00   $47.00
LiquaFast Ice is a tough transparent RTV silicone molding rubber that can make finished 0% shrinkage molds from all RP,CAD CAM & SLA models in as... More

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