Wax Carving

BASIC WAX MODELING, by Hiroshi Tsuyuki


$40.00   $36.00
by Hiroshi Tsuyuki This book is undoubtedly the best book available for beginning wax modelers. Designed by teacher Hiroshi Tsuyuki, the book... More

PRACTICAL WAX MODELING, by Hiroshi Tsuyuki and Yoko Ohba


by Hiroshi Tsuyuki and Yoko Ohba This second book by Mr. Tsuyuki is sort of like wax modeling 201. It expands on the techniques from the Basic Wax Modeling... More

Wax Modeling by Adolfo Mattiello

CODE: BK1249

The designer of the Matt Line of wax tools has written this book as a teaching guide for the Matt wax gun extruder. It covers the use of the Matt gun as well... More

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