by Marthe Le Van From the premier academy for fine crafting comes a third show stopper. A splendidly photographed guide that offers a how-to-manual,... More

Gemstones of the World

CODE: BK 2195

From the historical to the scientific, this extraordinary reference book is filled with fascinating facts about gemstones, both precious and semiprecious.... More

Chasing and Repousse by Nancy Megan Corwin

CODE: BK3519

Virtually every culture with a history of metalsmithing has demonstrated accomplished work in the complementary techniques of chasing and repousse. This... More

Techniques of Jewelry Illustration and Color Rendering by Adolfo Mattiello

CODE: BK1522

The illustration of jewelry is the language by which an idea is transformed into reality. Knowing that language is essential in communicating with others... More

Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann

CODE: BK2195

Gemstones of the World is the single, cornerstone volume that every hobbyist, jeweler, jewelry maker, and rockhound needs. And this updated edition contains... More

The Craft of Silversmithing- soft cover

CODE: bk329

Achieve extraordinary results immeditately by understanding the materials, tools, and processes required for basic silversmithing techniques. no returns...

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