Chain Maille

CHAIN MAIL JEWELRY, by Terry Taylor & Dylon White


by Terry Taylor & Dylon White The easily mastered techniques and elegant lines of chain mail, the classic art of linking metal rings, is enjoying a... More

SILVER WIRE JEWELRY, by Irene From Petersen


by Irene From Petersen 99 illustrated projects complete with diagrams show why wire jewelry has become today's hot craft. Each project is graded for... More

CREATIVE SILVER CHAINS, by Chantal Lise Saunders


by Chantal Lise Saunders A gallery of contemporary chains provides inspiration throughout this outstanding collection of contemporary designs. The... More

Making Wire Jewelry, By Helen Clegg & Mary Larom


“An entry level book for anyone who’d like to make attractive, inexpensive, and unique jewelry; all it takes is wire from the hardware or craft store, simple... More

Great Wire Jewelry


Drawing inspiration from historical treasures, Irene F. Petersen shows how to braid, twist, and knit silver, copper, and brass wire and jump rings into... More

Basics of Chain Maille

CODE: bk405

This book covers four popular chain maille techniques; Byzantine/Birdcage; European 4 in 1; Turkish Round; and Full Persian/Foxtail. Although this book... More

Chains, Chains, Chains by Joanna Goldberg and Nathalie Mornu


This is the best book available on making fabulous jewelry chains. Chains can unchain a jeweler's creativity! These 25 non-traditional designs showcase an... More
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